Preventative Maintenance

Statistics prove, a regularly scheduled Electrical Preventive Maintenance (EPM) Program will prevent business interruptions, life/safety risks and reduce utility costs. Today, most insurance companies are encouraging, and sometimes requiring their customers to participate in electrical preventive maintenance.

Using infrared technologies, our certified technicians can identify occurrences of high temperatures within the inspected components to eliminate the cause of thermal deficiencies. Heat is the major cause of damage to electrical devices and a definite symptom of an impending failure. Our technology readily pinpoints the source of the heat and our testing procedures assure power reliability, which is vital to any infrastructure. All testing completed is NFPA 70B 2010 compliant.

Level II ASNT Thermographers

Our certified technicians use thermal images to detect potential circuit overload or areas of unusually high electrical resistance, allowing electricians to replace the circuit before failure. This proven process eliminates costly downtime or further damage to the electrical system. Albarell Electric’s thermographers meet Level II ASNT-SNT-TC-1A recommendations for infrared testing, as set forth by the American Society for Non-Destructive Testing (ASNT). Schedule your test today at 1-610-691-8606!

Ultrasonic Services

Ultrasonic technology is a mandatory predictive diagnostic tool for identifying potential problems with today’s electrical systems. Arcing, tracking and corona all produce levels of ionization which disturbs the air molecules around the problem area crating high-frequency noise. By listening for the presence of this noise, we can accurately identify damaging conditions. Schedule your Ultrasonic session today at 1-610-691-8606!

Voltage and Current Diagnostics

These tests are designed to monitor and measure the electrical variables of your system. This assures that equipment is not overloaded, the system has proper current to avoid explosions and fires voltage is corrected to optimize equipment life, circuit breakers are checked to avoid hazards and equipment destruction, and check for harmful levels of harmonics. Schedule your diagnostic session today at 1-610-691-8606!

Power Quality Analysis

Power usage impacts power quality. Safety hazards, downtime risks, electric meter errors, business disruption and energy waste are all consequences of poor power quality. Albarell Electric provides on-site monitoring, recording and analysis of your facility’s power condition and quality to verify potential issues. Upon verification, our team can engineer and implement a solution to eliminate these threats. Schedule your monitoring session today at 1-610-691-8606

De-Energized Services

It is very important to schedule and perform essential de-energized tasks on all electrical components. De-energizing will reduce life/safety risks and unexpected loss of power. De-energized EPM consists of: inspect and re-torque connectors, clean and vacuum components,  eliminating the risk of electrical explosions, Resistance measuring of bus bars, and cable and motor windings.

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